Samsung will unveil five devices in its Mega event on August 5

Samsung will unveil five devices in its unpacked program on August 5

Samsung will proclaim the new 5 devices at its approaching online Mega event on August 5th. Mr. Tae-moon Roh, the president and head of the company’s mobile communications business, community the tidbit in a blog post-Samsung issued on Monday. 

Samsung will unveil five devices in its Mega event on August 5
Galaxy Pack has been Samsung launched

“The Galaxy Pack has been Samsung launched this summer. We will introduce five new power devices. You will be given the option to spend a lifetime with these devices in your hands,” he said.

In recent weeks, based on this information and leaks, Samsung is expected to announce three new phones, the Galaxy Note 20, Note 20 Plus, and Note 20 Ultra, a pair of real wireless headphones called Galaxy Buds Live A new smartwatch in 2020.

In the second part of his post, Roh Samsung’s mobile division talks about three priorities that will focus on moving forward. The first is to emphasize what they call meaningful innovations. Over the past six months, Roh says the company has made significant investments in research and development. He claims that investment will lead to even more innovative innovation

“We’re going to make mobile technology more personal, intelligent, useful, and secure,” said Roh. “Soon, that means more foldable display phones and devices with 5G connectivity.” Will double that which has become the focus of some of its past unpacked events. In particular, Roh mentioned Samsung’s continuing relationship with Microsoft and suggested that the two companies have further plans. He said the collaboration will continue to expand through our gaming partnership with Xbox only.

Finally, Roh notes that his division intends to be more agile. He said the epidemic presented a severe test, which means that our local communities need to make rapid changes to care for partners and employees while still pursuing future actions. I will create flexibility It is worth noting the three priorities that outline Roh, which did not differ from Samsung’s goals at the time when its predecessor, DJ Koh, was running the company’s mobile division.

Samsung will unveil five devices in its Mega event on August 5

Has been working for years to bundle apps on the latest devices. Samsung’s focus on foldable devices also predicts Roh’s appointment. Of course, any of these issues is a separate issue. There will be an interesting slate of tools to participate in the big event we will find out soon.

Samsung fix delays and design flaws in the Galaxy Fold
Samsung will unveil five devices in its Mega event on August 5

Samsung has not commented much on its decision to fix delays and design flaws in the Galaxy Fold, but it is opening up a bit today. Pushed before it was ready. ” The blow was “embarrassing.” Although Koh did not say anything about it, the statement shows that Samsung was in a hurry to get the skin out of the door and claim some rights to brag.

Although don’t expect an answer when (or if) the fold can be returned. He noted that Samsung has more than 2,000 devices in the field and “explained everything”, but would not be bothered when the foldable handset in it could be superficial again. Ever since the delay was announced in the first place, the company has been largely vague about its plans to restore the device and has not even talked about the details leading up to the launch.

The fold was due to arrive in late April, but early reviewers soon bare problems, including the cover of a display that was easy to peel off and the gap that caused the debris behind the foldable screen. can go. The sensitive panel was easy to break. – And it would be annoying with any phone, which costs $ 1,980. Samsung will have to deal with the design problems of the fold and convince buyers that it is still likely to take benefit of a gadget with such a bumpy history.

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